Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy will release on Android?

April 5, 2022 (7 months ago)

Three legendary cities The first Grand Theft Auto trilogy: Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas are upgraded for a fresh generation. They feature stunning new lighting and upgrades to the environment including high-resolution textures and increased draws, Grand Theft Auto V-style controls as well as targeting, and more.

While it’s been available for Nintendo and PC however, it appears it’s the Rockstar developer doesn’t stop there. They are planning to bring this game to mobile later this year. There’s no release date or price, however it’s worth the long wait. It is unfortunate that the GTA: SA, Vice City games are not compatible with Android 12. I believe that the publisher will soon release The Trilogy on Android so we can play these games.

The Definitive Edition Is Coming to Mobile

What will the game do to push these massive platforms, and still run on mobile devices? Do PC and console players need to make compromises or do mobile phones be able to get their own version? We can only speculate since we don’t have any further details other than what we have already shared with to you.

It’s an extremely safe bet to be that GTA Trilogy Remaster is releasing in November, it’s worth noting the fact that its mobile edition is expected to launch by 2022. It could be an update, or even a alternative version running with a different engine, with totally different graphics. Perhaps the mobile version may be being managed by a different group of developers within Rockstar or have outsourced it while working on the PC and console version.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy will release on Android?

Whatever the reason I’d definitely like the mobile version to be different from the other versions. For one thing I don’t think it’s in anyone’s best desire to see the PC and console versions be lower than it should be, in order to be able to support mobile devices but not after all this time. That will not be a hit with GTA players.

October 22 is this year’s 20th birthday of GTA III, so it is highly likely that we’ll get more details in the coming days. Also, seeing this GTA Trilogy remaster in action will give us an understanding of what we can expect, and looking at the visuals will make easy to determine if mobile devices are able to cope with it or not.

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