How To Install MOD Apks, Games & OBB Files On Android Phone

Smartphones running Android have helped make the life of the users much simpler. You can complete homework assignments or do any other job with the help of an Android phone. Android is one of the most frequently utilized operating systems in the world, where gamers can enjoy games, enjoy movies, or run their business efficiently. For this to happen you must download the Apks for the phone you are using Android Phone.

How To Install MOD Apks, Games & OBB Files On Android Phone

With the assistance of Apks with Apks, you can accomplish anything with the help of your Android Phone. It doesn’t matter if you want to change the design of phone or even order food, everything can be accomplished with one swipe. If you’ve got some doubts in your head about what exactly are APKs that are, then you’re in the right spot.

APK? Why Do You Require Apk For Your Android Device?

APK is also known as the Android-Application-Package. It’s an app installer that works with smartphones that run on the Android system.

It is the APK archive is built upon ZIP and JAR formats. Each APK file includes”.apk” as its extension “.apk” at the end of the name.

Usually, you download applications to your Android devices through Google Play. Google Play store. But, not all applications can be downloaded on this store. Certain models of smartphones are not compatible with Google Play Store. In this situation, you’ll have to depend on assistance from the APK.

In other terms, APK will support:

  • Installing Android apps as well as games that aren’t available in the store Google Play
  • Downloading software from third-party businesses
  • Downloading apps without Google Play
  • Installing certain types of applications like MOD, Demo, Beta, etc.

What Is An APK File?

APK is a short form for ” Android Application Package It can be described as an app installer employed by the Android Operating System. In simple terms, an APK is a kind of installer that permits an Android Operating System to read and execute games downloaded. Every app you come across on the internet and in the Play Store can technically be described as APK files, however, APK files are typically used to install third-party apps which aren’t in the Play Store.

Benefits Of APK Files:

  • APK files are simple to access and are generally secure to install.
  • There are a huge variety of applications that are not accessible including paid games, or programs that are prohibited in your country, at no cost.
  • There are generally minimal to no problems with APK files that are downloaded from correct sources. This means that you can download bugs-free applications for free, whenever and wherever you’d like.

What is an OBB File?

OBB is an abbreviation for  Opaque Binary Blob file OBB is a file format created by Google for its Android Operating System. OBB files can be used to pack massive files used by apps, in short, all of the major games and apps that run on tablets and smartphones use OBB files. It’s a convenient way to store massive files and data from particular apps. They must be manually or automatically extracted before being utilized. OBB files tend to be specific to an app and are not able to be used with other apps.

Give Your Device Permission To Install 3d-party Apps

All Android devices aren’t able to install any files downloaded from sources that aren’t trusted. To download APK, APKS, and OBB apps and games it is necessary to alter the settings on your device to allow installing third-party software.

You must follow 3 steps for this work:

  • Navigate to “Settings” on your phone
  • Choose the “Privacy”
  • Tap on Unknown Sources

How To Install APK?

Installing the APK application is an easy job. After downloading the file from the internet, all you have to click on it. A message will pop up to ask you to install the file or not. Select “Install”!

How To Install The APK Application With OBB Data?

As stated, certain apps do not need to be integrated with OBB while others do. If the website has two links that are one for APK and the other for OBB it is necessary to download both.

It is recommended to install the installing of the APK file first, but don’t launch the application until you are ready. Since you don’t have the OBB application, it will not start but will not display anything.

Follow these steps to complete the installation for the OBB:

  • Install the APK but do not launch the app following installation
  • Unzip the OBB and a folder will be created.
  • Transfer the folder to the The /SDCard/Android/obb directory
  • Start the application


APK is the file that stands to mean Android Package Kit (also Android Application Package). APK file allows Android users to install apps on Android phones. Every Android smartphone has APK files, however, the majority of people do not know about the fact that they have them. With the aid of APK files, you can alter your Android experience. A lot more can be done with Android apps.

APK Files lets you install apps that aren’t available on the Google Play Store. Apks also allow you to obtain premium access to apps for free. The APK has provided a lot of ease for users. Android users. But the greater the benefits of APK files and the more harm they do, they are harmful.

Many APK files are infected with malware that could harm your phone. Some apps can also access your personal data therefore you need to consider a number of aspects prior to installing Apks files on your phone.